Link to search page with advanced search fieldset expanded!

Create the link:

Advanced Search

Or you could even add it to the search box with jQuery (I'm adding it to a Custom Search block here):

/* jQuery to expand advanced search field is contained in js_injector rule (in db) */
$('Advanced Search').appendTo('.block-custom_search_blocks .form-item');

Then, add a jQuery script. I used JS Injector to add this only to the 'search*' pages.

//wait until the rest of the jQuery has been loaded
$(document).ready(function() {
//break apart url to get anchor
var url = document.location.toString();
if (url.match('#')) {
var anchor = '#' + url.split('#')[1];

//click collapsed fieldset to expand
if (anchor == '#advanced-search'){
$('.search-advanced legend').find('a').click();

Unfortunately setting a new rule in JS Injector and using jQuery does not work. I am using JS Injector 7.x-2.0. Even something simple as alert('test'); does not work when using $(document).ready(function() { alert('hi'); });

It is too bad since JS Injector sounds promising. Maybe they will fix this in Drupal 8.

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