Using imagecache with the Image or Embedded Media Field modules

Actually, there is a way to use imagecache presets with the image module without patches. It involves creating a View that manually applies the imagecache preset to the image field (not imagefield). You'll need views customfield.

Create a view and add the relationships "Image:File" and "Image:Node." Then add fields "File:path," "Node->title," and "Customfield: PHP Code." Add this to your php customfield script:

<?php //print var_export($data, TRUE); //reveals all available variables $image_src = $data->files_image_filepath; $imagecache_preset = "Front-Slide-ic"; //enter your own imagecache preset here $attributes = array('class' => 'lightbox'); //if you want to add attributes $image_title = $data->node_image_title; print theme('imagecache', $imagecache_preset, $image_src, $image_title, $image_title, $attributes); ?>

Using this method allows you to use Image Crop to manually select the crop area.

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