Regex to swap piped key|value pairs

It's always useful to write down your regexs!

Let's say you had: Private|Pvt Private First Class|PFC Lance Corporal|LCpl Corporal|Cpl Sergeant|Sgt Staff Sergeant|SSgt Gunnery Sergeant|GySgt Master Sergeant|MSgt First Sergeant|1stSgt Master Gunnery Sergeant|MGySgt Sergeant Major|SgtMaj Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps|SgtMajMarCor Warrant Officer 1|W-1 Chief Warrant Officer 2|W-2 Chief Warrant Officer 3|W-3 Chief Warrant Officer 4|W-4 Chief Warrant Officer 5|W-5 Second Lieutenant|2ndLt First Lieutenant|1stLt Captain|Capt Major|Maj Lieutenant Colonel|LtCol Colonel|Col Brigadier General|BGen Major General|MajGen Lieutenant General|LtGen General|Gen

And you wanted to swap the value|key pairs to be key|value pairs. A quick regex with find and replace is a hell of a lot better than copy & pasting for an hour.

Find: ([^|]+)|([^\n]+) Replace: \2|\1 (in notepad++)

and you get: Pvt|Private PFC|Private First Class LCpl|Lance Corporal Cpl|Corporal Sgt|Sergeant SSgt|Staff Sergeant GySgt|Gunnery Sergeant MSgt|Master Sergeant 1stSgt|First Sergeant MGySgt|Master Gunnery Sergeant SgtMaj|Sergeant Major SgtMajMarCor|Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps W-1|Warrant Officer 1 W-2|Chief Warrant Officer 2 W-3|Chief Warrant Officer 3 W-4|Chief Warrant Officer 4 W-5|Chief Warrant Officer 5 2ndLt|Second Lieutenant 1stLt|First Lieutenant Capt|Captain Maj|Major LtCol|Lieutenant Colonel Col|Colonel BGen|Brigadier General MajGen|Major General LtGen|Lieutenant General Gen|General

Thank goodness for regexes.

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