Introducing Writer: A Drupal blogging theme for developers

Writer Theme
My friend and co-acquian, Bryan Braun, recently released a new, beautiful, minimalist blogging theme on called Writer. I'll let Bryan make the official introduction:

"The story is quite simple. I am a front-end developer who blogs. I searched the Drupal theme repository, but I was unable to find a blogging theme designed specifically for developers. So I made one.

This theme was designed using three driving principles:

  • Brutally simple design
  • Fantastic typography
  • Support for code snippets

These principles guided me through the tradeoffs and helped me make various design decisions. Let's get into the details..."

For more information, take a look at Bryan's post on his blog, or visit Bryan's live demo of the theme.

If the pictures aren't enough to convince you to click that link, reflect on Bryan's closing words:

"There are many great Drupal developers who continue to use Garland or Bartik (the default Drupal themes) as the theme for their blog. These themes are fine, but they were never designed to be used for a blog (not to mention that some would say their overuse has made them tacky). I don't blame them too much... the alternative options are often bleak. Sometimes when I browse themes at, I feel like I'm browsing the web in 1994.

We developers deserve better."

Looks like my site might need an upgrade soon! Does yours?

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