Example implementation of jQuery Validation plugin

The jQuery validation plugin is an excellent tool for validating forms. The online documentation is actually quite extensive, but I found it difficult to locate any example code that really showed a full implementation of the plugin with all of its methods. After a lot of collaborative work, I've written an implementation of this plugin that manages to use most of the of customizable methods. There's a bit of my own jQuery thrown in this, but it should help to provide others with a good working model that can easily be reverse-engineered.

This is an awesome example. I agree - the jQuery validation plugin you are referring to has an extensive API, and while there is documentation, it is difficult to comprehend at times, given the complexity of the domain.

Thanks, still very usefult

Hi, First off, thanks a ton for this tutorial! Works like a charm. I am usign field group's multipage settings with the save button at the end of the multipage group. So clicking save validates only the final multipage and not the others. Is there anyway out of this?
Thanks a ton


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