Behat is exploding with Fatal require errors

If you're getting fatal errors due to missing, required files, there's a good chance that you're running into the issue described here:

In short, a menu rebuild is being called from outside of the Drupal root, thereby exploding your registry. For me, this was caused by views_content_cache, which calls views_invalidate_cache() and triggers a menu rebuild after certain entity operations. Here's how I got around that.

In your featureContext.php file's __construct() function, add:

global $_behat_is_running;
$_behat_is_running = TRUE;

You can now use this global variable in your custom modules to determine if Behat is running.

Now let's add some logic to a custom module. Given that calls to views_invalidate_cache() are the main issue, let's hook into that function call and prevent the disastrous menu rebuild from occurring.

 * Implements hook_views_invalidate_cache().
function grasmash_views_invalidate_cache() {
  if (
$_behat_is_running) {
// views_invalidate_cache() has triggered a menu rebuild at this point.
    // We need to prevent a standard menu rebuild during a Behat run, because
    // it will explode the registry. We do this by rebuilding it ourselves first
    // in a manner that mocks Drupal7::clearCache().
    // @see
watchdog('grasmash', 'Rebuilding menu.');

 * Rebuild menu from the correct directory.
 * Need to change into the Drupal root directory or the registry explodes.
function grasmash_rebuild_menu() {
$current_path = getcwd();

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